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We've introduced a new line of celebrity action figures which will feature pre-made heads of various famous personalities.

If you are a celebrity yourself, or their representative, and you'd like us to sale for you your action figure to the general public, then contact us with two portrait photos. We will then cut you in on every sale.

MilkOrSugar is a review website on everything one can customize and order online. We are happy to feature on their website amongst the growing number of other mass-customization ventures. Feel free to visit their website to learn about other wonderful customized products out there.

Wear Someone Else’s Face for Halloween

Posted by: JohnKeaton in Untagged  on will make a custom lifelike mask of any person from photographs. This may be the ideal way to scare friends at Halloween. simply requires one or two photographs of the person and they will create a fully wearable photorealistic facemask in resin. The possibilities are endless: a friend’s mother-in-law or their boss, a serial killer, a favorite horror actor or a least favorite politician. 

Previously such technology has only been within the budgets of Hollywood productions. Now has leveraged their state-of-the-art 3D imaging and manufacturing techniques to bring custom masks within reach of the consumer.

The website,, allows one to upload photographs of the frightening person and preview a mask before purchasing. Eager customers may also buy the product straight away and send in their photographs for expert processing. There is also the option to tweak the person’s appearance, such as changing their age, ethnicity, gender or even ordering a caricature.
20% Discount on wearable facemask until November 2009!

Want to know how our plastic FaceStatues are made? Then check out our How It's Made page detailing the process.


ThatsMyFace participated in the Pulse 2009 tradeshow in Earl's Court, London.

Check out a quick video of our booth:




Fancy making a 3D portrait of your face or someone else's out of paper? It's now possible with our Papercrafts.

Once you've created your 3D face on ThatsMyFace, you can order a custom papercraft layout in Acrobat PDF format which you can print directly with your home printer.  After some cutting, folding and gluing you'll have yourself a full-color custom facemask!


Our Head and Action Figure Head resin models now support Cyborg add-ons such as cool headgear, eyepieces, earpieces and new unearthly skin textures.

To cyborg your head, go to the Previewer and select the Head/Action Figure Head model. A selection area will appear at the bottom of the page highlighting the available selection of cyborg add-ons. Try out different combinations to see which one you prefer.



Our Head and Action Figure Head resin models now support a variety of male and female sculpted haircuts, along with a military helmet and a cowboy hat.

To apply these haircuts to your head, go to the Previewer and select the Head/Action Figure Head model. A selection area will appear at the bottom of the page highliting the available selection of haircuts.



BBC's Click technology programme briefly featured The sequence was filmed at Las Vegas CES 2009.



Two MechRC humanoid dancing robots, with custom ThatsMyFace heads,  were featured on BBC's Friday Night with Jonathan Ross on 3rd April 2009, the UK's top talk show. 

One robot featured the head of Ricky Gervais (aka RickyBot) performing the infamous Ricky dance from The Office, and the other of Jonathan Ross himself (aka WossBot 2000) doing some hardcore acrobatics.  

MechRC and ThatsMyFace will be offering these advanced humanoid robots featuring your own face sometime this summer. Just upload two portrait photos to and you'll be able to purchase a MechRC robot with your custom face (or someone else's).



Go to newsletter registration page to sign up to our spam-free mailing-list to be informed of the official release dates and pricing first. 




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