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Want your headshots to look even better? Then you might want to check out which provides inexpensive online expert photo retouching and airbrushing services. For about $8, they'll retouch your photo and make you look dishy.  It's a bit like a Mechinal-Turk version of the Portrait Professional facial retouching software we discussed ealier. Before-After Example


It seems the practice of retouching photos is gaining popularity amongst consumers, as noted in Photolate's blog:

It seems 75% of us retouch our pics before putting them online.

According to the Kodak's Photo Futures Report, 75% digitally enhance our photographs. This compares with just 46% of Germans, 40% of Italians, 38% of Spaniards and a mere 28% of the French.

And British men it seems are twice as likely as women to airbrush their shots!

A Kodak spokesman said: "Over the last two years, we've seen a real leap in the number of people digitally enhancing their images."

Thus echoing the popularity of Portrait Professional software.

New Slideshow Feature!

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Show your friends an animated slideshow of your 3D face profile(s) on your website or blog.

Simply go to your 3D face profile, click on the slideshow link and customize it before pasting the generated slideshow HTML embed code into your personal webpage. Voila!

Example slideshow:

Featuro now on

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 You can now follow us on, a micro-blogging service, at

Micro-blogging is a form of blogging that allows users to write brief text updates (usually 140 characters) and publish them, either to be viewed by anyone or by a restricted group which can be chosen by the user. These messages can be submitted by a variety of means, including text messaging, instant messaging, email, MP3 or the web. [Wikipedia]

We'll be posting links to new facial profiles, site updates and other news.

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For the upcoming Siggraph 2008 conference, Columbia University will be presenting its Face Swapping paper on how to automatically replace faces in photos. Amongst other things, this can somewhat anonymize people in photos 'by automatically replacing their faces with ones from a collection of stock image'. A more fanciful and fun way of dealing with de-identification than Google Street View's facial blurring scheme.



Back during Siggraph 2004, Columbia University presented a paper on extracting environment maps and illumination information from people's eyes in photos. What's cool is that a 3D facial model is reconstructed by 'simply waving a light in front of the face' (see video). No need for stereoscopic cameras, structured lighting or 3D scanners. Still, reading the paper, it sounds like there's a lot of manual tweaking involved. In any case, very neat idea.







Gizmag notes that Bioscrypt introduced the VisionAccess 3D face reader to secure facilities via facial recognition. The interesting part is that it analyzes 40.000 measurements of the surface structure of the face using a 'real-time 3D surface scanner' in invisible near-infrared light. It's not clear to me how this 3D surface scanner operates, even after watching the presentation by Rice University about the underlying scanner/camera technology. Apparently, the infrared camera allows it to view 'under the skin' to find more robust facial reference points. From the Bioscrypt video it seems it's building a 3D model of the face. So is it using an infrared-based structure-light version of their VisionAccess 3D EnrolCam product range? Note Bioscrypt is now owned by L1 Identity Solutions which sells controversial 'crime control' solutions to China.


According to DetectorPro, Google's search product management director R.J. Pittman announced that they are working on introducing facial recognition to improve their image search. Looks like Polar Rose will be getting some competition.





Google's Street View, which allows people view and move through 3D photographic destinations from street level, is introducing a post-processing stage on the images it captures with its Google Car to detect and blur out people's faces. This followed complaints by privacy advocates and unwittingly captured members of the public. Good!

Login with your face

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Key Lemon is distributing a free version of its facial password program to enable users to log into their Windows-only systems using their face and their webcam. Haven't tried it so don't take my word for it.





Coolbusinessideas and TechCrunch note the launch of Tuyuan, a Beijing-based social networking site which employs facial recognition to find friends for its members. Details are still hazy but apparently once users upload a photo and tag a person, the site automatically suggests other pictures it thinks the same person is in. So it seems like an advanced version of Facebook's Friend Finder.



Facebook could probably add this functionality rather straightforwardly by licensing technology from Polar Rose, a Swedish startup that introduced last year a facial search engine in beta. Or maybe Polar Rose is building a Facebook App to this end themselves! Polar Rose seems to be actively hiring and expanding, working on some cool video-based facial recognition from video and a browser plugin but I couldn't clearly make out their business model from their website.


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